Loki’s Kisses

Loki & Sif (talking about love, and near the kissing), Loki & Sersi, Loki & Lorelei, Loki & Daia, Loki & Lorelei, Loki & Karnilla, Loki & Leah (nearly kissed), Loki & Jane Foster (smooch, though; unsuspecting ^^’), Loki in the guise of Scarlet Witch & Ronin, Loki in the guise of Thor & Lorelei, Loki in the guise of Theoric & Sigyn, respectively.

All i could remember from comics. If there is any more of Loki kisses, please, add it! I’ll be happy to see if there’s anything more :3. For now, however, that’s all I could dig up.